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Alpaca Wool Blanket Queen Size, 76 x 88" - Sapphire Mesa

Alpaca Wool Blanket Queen Size, 76 x 88" - Sapphire Mesa

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Enjoy the warmth and comfort of blankets made from alpaca wool, a natural fiber blanket known for its versatility and softness (often being compared to cashmere). Our queen size alpaca blankets are perfect for year-round use, providing warmth during the winter months while remaining breathable and comfortable in the summer.

In search of more than just functionality? These alpaca wool blankets’ intricate designs and rich Southwestern blanket patterns will be a work of art in any space of your home. Whether you choose to adorn your bed, drape them over your armchair, or take them to picnics and beach outings, the possibilities are endless. 

• Handcrafted with care by skilled Ecuadorian artisans

• 95% wool blend: 50/50 alpaca & sheep, and 5% cotton/acrylic label and stitching

• These queen size blankets measure 76 x 88 inches (193 x 223 cm).

Made from a luxurious 95% wool blend, our blankets consist of a 50/50 blend of alpaca and sheep wool, with 5% cotton/acrylic for the label and stitching for added durability. 

Our high quality alpaca wool blankets make a thoughtful gift for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, Mother's/Father's Day, Valentine's Day, or anyone who appreciates the warmth of a natural fiber blanket.

Say goodbye to cold nights with our blankets made from alpaca wool and stay cozy year round.

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