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How Alpacas Are Saving Small Farmers and Herders

Because of their sustainable qualities, alpaca herds are growing in size. Some ranchers and farmers who have been in farming for generations are adding alpaca herds to their operations. With the increasing demand for alpaca's superior wool (softness, sustainability, durability), ranchers and farmers found a new path to save their farms. For some, it adds security to their retirement income while others appreciate that alpacas are very gentle to the land. They don't have hooves - they have soft padded feet. Alpacas are making a difference in the lives of small farmers. 

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Health benefits of sunflower seeds

Summer is the season of one of my favorite flowers - sunflowers! Not only are they beautiful, but their seeds are also packed with health benefits. Here are some of them: • Heart healthSunflower seeds contain vitamin E (over 60% of your daily value in each serving!), and they also contain folate, both of which improve cardiovascular health• Energy & healthy bonesThey contain magnesium which has been shown to increase energy and improve bone health• Healthy cholesterolThe phytosterols in sunflower seeds promote healthy cholesterol levels• Improves moodMagnesium sulfate helps to stabilize mood• AntioxidantsSelenium is a powerful antioxidant found in sunflower seeds. It's also great for your thyroid!What to look fo when buying sunflower seeds: Some brands pack their sunflower seeds with unhealthy...

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