Alpaca Blankets: Quality, style, & durability

Made with the highest quality fibers, our alpaca blankets will bring style to your home while also providing lasting comfort.

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  • Warmth Retained

    One of the main benefits of alpaca wool is that it's highly insulating. The fibers are hollow, which gives them thermoregulating properties and makes them perfect for keeping you warm in cool weather, and cool in warm weather.

  • Exceptional Comfort

    In addition to its warmth, alpaca wool is also exceptionally soft. Alpaca fibers are finer and smoother than other types of wool, making it gentle on the skin. This makes it the perfect material for blankets.

  • Sustainably Made

    Our alpaca blankets are crafted by skilled artisans and their families in Ecuador and Peru. By purchasing our products, you're supporting these families and helping to preserve their traditional way of life.