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In 2015, my dad became very sick and was unable to continue working, so I started selling clothing opening up 7 Sages on online marketplaces. We started small with just a few select items. 

After a few successful years, I was able to make the online store my full-time job. Today 7 Sages helps support our entire family. Our clothing designs are now hand-printed/hand-made in-house and occasionally argued over by our small team. Family!

2022:  New exciting product lines, thanks to a 'new and renewed' Dad!  Dad is getting better and recently helped me import our new blankets from South America. An adventure by itself...

Here's how it happened. You, our customers, told us you wanted quality, environmentally friendly items, well-made, durable, stylish and also benefiting small families of craftsmen/women, artists and small business. Well,  since we had friends from South America with local contacts and we also enjoy working with craft families whose alpaca creations are shown here, we're happy to present you with attractive quality hand-made, fair trade, cruelty free natural items. (And more new sustainable creations to come in the next months).

Why alpaca wool? It is warmer, softer and of higher durability than other wool. Owning and enjoying a cozy hand-made  alpaca blanket will be one of your most cherished and feel-good acquisitions.  Being someone who easily gets cold, my dad tried several other warming options. But only alpaca delivered constant warmth indoors and outdoors. Cheaper native blankets made of cotton, acrylics, nylon and other blends can't compete against alpaca's superior performance, soft feel, looks and sustainability. Interestingly, alpaca even warmed us when it was wet and it dried fast! (Great to use in the outdoors. In the high Andes where alpacas are raised electricity is generally lacking, making warm, quality garments life-saving. Chewing on coca leaves helps too at these very high altitudes our friends tell us).

Enjoy these exquisite native designs inspired by authentic ancient indigenous art with the help of my artisan friends in South America. You'll also be helping South American herders. Own a piece of their history, their art, and be more comfy. Here are two designs we created:

Keep in mind that wherever alpaca is sold, it is selling fast. The pandemic effects did not help as many families were incapacitated and had delays bringing their work to local markets. Alpaca's reputation is growing fast as the warmest and best wool fiber, especially when reinforced by some sheep wool. The alpaca wool and sheep wool blend is a mix made in heaven as anyone who has owned alpaca garments can tell.

Important note: Please remember that our items are made in limited batches. So, if you think you may want another one identical, be sure to get it soon as it may not be made anymore.

Thank you for reading a little about our story. We are incredibly grateful for each of you who make that possible!

-The Family



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