About Us

It all started with a mission to find a material that was ethically made, soft, warm, and resilient.

After lots of time and research, it came down to alpaca wool. Not only is alpaca wool warm and soft, but alpacas themselves are incredibly cute. But that’s beside the point. The important stuff is this:

Because alpacas are from the high Andes, their wool is ideal for warmth as they quite literally wouldn’t survive the extreme cold in their native climate if it weren’t for their coats. It’s no wonder alpacas have been highly treasured for over 6,000 years! 

Our blankets are made with a blend of alpaca and sheep wool, with only a minimal amount of acrylic needed to finish the edges. Alpaca and sheep wool is a blend known for its resilience and softness.

Who We Are
We're a family working with South American artisans from Ecuador and Peru to make designs come to life, bringing you the best and most beautiful alpaca blankets. In addition to working with wonderful artisans, we also support dog, cat, and horse rescues, veterans & children in need. 


Mailing address:
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