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How to get your money back when your order is lost or damaged in the mail

How to get your money back when your order is lost or damaged in the mail
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Many people aren’t aware of their best options when a package goes missing and never reaches them. At 7 Sages, we always ship with tracking so that you know where you package is every step of the way. But sometimes, packages get lost, stolen or damaged in transit. Here’s how you can proceed to protect your money and purchase: 

First track your purchase with the shipping company (USPS, UPS, Fed-X, Amazon…). If you don’t know who the shipping company is, email the store you purchased from and they should send you your tracking information from the day your item left their premises. Then contact your credit card provider, the one you used to make the missing purchase. Many card companies offer Free insurance on your purchases- if made with their card. So, remember to use that specific card when ordering: the one that protects your purchases!

How can you find out if any of your cards insure your purchases for free? Call them or read the fine print in their agreement. You may also search and google online, but a call will probably be the fastest way to find out about free shipping insurance and other customer service perks or issues. Good luck and start insuring your purchases for free!

Your credit card can help make life’s little emergencies easier to handle. But the next time you damage your rental car, drop your cell phone, or get too sick to leave on a trip, your card could be there for you — but make sure you play by the rules and use the right card.

Some credit card issuers offer supplemental insurance, such as car rental collision insurance, travel cancellation insurance and even cell phone replacement coverage. So when accidents happen, you may already be covered.

Should you still look at buying your own insurance? Probably for vulnerable valuables, especially if you, your children or life conditions are prone to losing or damaging expensive items. Better safe than sorry. Your credit card’s offerings are ‘secondary insurance’, meant as a 'supplement' to — not a replacement for — more complete coverage. These alluring programs are marketing strategies designed to influence your card usage choices among so many competing offers. Read the fine print for exclusions. Follow their instructions in order for you to get your money. Make sure you’re absolutely clear about the coverage. It will often result in savings if you meet their conditions and since you are paying for these 'free' perks (via their fees and their interest rates), make sure you are aware of the available benefits.


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