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Health benefits of sunflower seeds

Sunflower seed benefits - sunflower facts - interesting sunflower facts - girl with sunflower
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Summer is the season of one of my favorite flowers - sunflowers! Not only are they beautiful, but their seeds are also packed with health benefits. Here are some of them:

• Heart health
Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E (over 60% of your daily value in each serving!), and they also contain folate, both of which improve cardiovascular health
Sunflower seed benefits - sunflower facts - interesting sunflower facts
• Energy & healthy bones
They contain magnesium which has been shown to increase energy and improve bone health

• Healthy cholesterol
The phytosterols in sunflower seeds promote healthy cholesterol levels

• Improves mood
Magnesium sulfate helps to stabilize mood

• Antioxidants
Selenium is a powerful antioxidant found in sunflower seeds. It's also great for your thyroid!

What to look fo when buying sunflower seeds: 
Some brands pack their sunflower seeds with unhealthy additives and sodium - look for brands (preferably organic) with fewer ingredients and not too much salt. There are also great sunflower butters, another great way to get your serving of sunflower seeds! 

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